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NexusOne is a fully managed, platform-agnostic data solution for seamless integration and unparalleled performance across all cloud and on-premises environments.


What is NexusOne?

NexusOne is a turnkey solution for operations and maintenance of a modern data stack-as-a-service, freeing up valuable resources and removing the need to recruit in-demand data engineers, architects, data scientists and other technical talent.


Here’s the good stuff

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A Turnkey Solution

NexusOne is a managed data-as-a-service platform that integrates seamlessly with any cloud or leading data platform.

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Increase Your Revenue

NexusOne leverages a universal control plane to manage all necessary resources, increasing revenue, reducing costs, and managing risk and compliance efficiently.

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Fast Results

Whether you are immature with data, looking to migrate to the cloud, or already cloud-savvy, the NexusOne platform can get you online in weeks, not months, to solve the data-driven needs of your business

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Low Monthly Cost

NexusOne is a combination of software and services that delivers a purpose-built solution at one low monthly price.


What Customers Are Saying About NexusOne

We were attracted to their 'Do It For Me' platform-agnostic approach that supports customers with a turnkey solution for operations and maintenance of a modern data stack-as-a-service."

Nexus Cognitive has demonstrated an ability to take a very challenging and complex problem and turn it into an innovative solution that works well. We have been so impressed with the solution that we have recommended it to other organizations."

NexusOne has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way we manage our data. The platform's streamlined workflows and analytics capabilities empower our teams to make data-driven decisions faster than ever before."


A well known global institution was struggling to support over 40 million monthly transactions from 186 data pipelines.


NexusOne developed a modern data architecture to design scalable components using open-source technologies.


The new NexusOne cloud-based architecture scaled dynamically, processing up to 70% of monthly data within the first ten days


Optimize Your Data and Grow Your Revenue


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The NexusOne Ecosystem

Our fully-managed data mesh seamlessly integrates your disparate data sources into a unified foundation for innovation and intelligence. 

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What Does NexusOne Cost?

At NexusOne, we offer flexible pricing plans designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our pricing structure is tailored based on the specific requirements and scale of each project. For startups and small businesses, we offer competitive entry-level packages, while our enterprise-level plans are equipped to handle more complex and large-scale operations. To get a detailed quote and find the plan that best fits your needs, please schedule a free assessment through the link on our homepage. 

How Is NexusOne Different?

NexusOne stands out due to our commitment to innovation, customization, and our customer-centric approach. We offer a platform-agnostic solution at a low monthly cost for unparalleled performance. Our team of experts brings extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of the latest technologies. 

Is My Data Safe With NexusOne?

At NexusOne, the security of your data is our top priority. We implement robust security measures that include end-to-end encryption, regular security audits, and compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our dedicated security team continuously monitors our systems for potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring your data is protected at all times. You can trust NexusOne to maintain the highest level of confidentiality and integrity for your business information.

What Is the NexusOne Assessment?

Getting started with NexusOne is simple. You can reach out to us through the links here on our homepage. We offer a complimentary consultation to understand your business needs and discuss how our solution can help you achieve your goals.

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