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Big 4 Professional Services Firm

Project: DevOps Framework Design and Deployment for Big 4 Professional Services Firm

  • Nexus Cognitive Chief Operating Officer, Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

Massive efficiency boosts resulting in $50M savings annually by year 2


6 Billion Dollar business unit at a Big 4 firm had several internal teams across the US and several vendors delivering custom applications and platforms using a range of “agile” methodologies and the firm was seeing considerable duplication in effort across development workstreams.


Validated a set of common guard rails across three major workstreams then used this success and timesaving to drive buy-in and acceptance across all development teams.

  • Defined and built cloud-based development operations framework that fully automated provisioning, configuration, and deployment/re-deployment.
  • Implemented internal software development kit combining all existing reusable IP and creating index of all available services.
  • Create application shell with standard UX which leveraged SDK and was published as starting point for any new application via automated creation cloud DevOps framework.


  • Massive efficiency boosts resulting in $50M savings annually by year 2

  • 3-month hardware provisioning, environment configuration, and security approvals reduced to one hour via automated cloud process.

  • Security and Risk impediments at start and middle of all projects eliminated.

  • Major reduction in duplication across programs with high buy-in by development teams to embrace reuse.