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Major Healthcare Provider

Project: EMR System Selection, Implementation and Support for Major Healthcare Services Company

  • Nexus Cognitive Chief Operating Officer, Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

Integrated custom healthcare solution allowing for long term competitive advantage


The company needed an Electronic Medical Records system for all of its on-site clinics, including electronic file transmission capabilities with pharmacies as well as reporting requirements within the clinics and back to corporate. The legacy system was ineffective functionally, highly manual, and did not scale as required by the growth of the business.


Selected and implemented Electronic Medical Records system for all Health Solutions clinics:

  • Led team of 10+ technical and 25+ business resources
  • Requirements gathering / process alignment (BPO)
  • Software evaluation / fit analysis
  • Negotiated terms with selected software vendor
  • Customized software applications (EMR application, Pharmacy interfaces, API’s for other corporate applications)
  • Custom report development
  • Training and roll-out (go live in phases)
  • Coordinated bug fix and application enhancements in partnership with the vendor


Achieved all capabilities required by the stated objectives, enabling the on-site clinics to see more patients, track treatment and care much more accurately and effectively (Continuity of Care Record (CCR) initiative objectives met), submit prescriptions electronically with two-way communications with pharmacies (again CCR objectives met). Also developed a very positive, partner-like relationship with the EMR software company, allowing for the organization’s custom EMR application enhancement requests to be escalated to the top priority within the vendor’s SDLC system, accelerating the release of new and improved versions of the software. Also improved the overall impression of Health Solutions’ capabilities and service level to the larger corporate and parent company organizations as well as versus competitors’ offerings as evidenced by greatly improved NPS from the clinics and EMR vendor, enabling the sales force to sell the Health Solutions concept much more effectively.