An offshore oil rig with snowy mountains behind it.

Major Oilfield Services Company

Project: Asset Workflow Software Solution for Major Oilfield Services Company

  • Nexus Cognitive Chief Operating Officer, Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

Maximized well productivity for our global client base thus, driving revenue and profitability - Oilfield COO


A major oilfield services firm needed help integrating and correlating mountains of data related to thousands of wells in varying stages of production and perforation. The workflows and processes they used to make operational decisions were manual and laborious.


Develop a production, engineering focused, asset workflow solution that creates actionable knowledge from vast amounts of valuable internal and external data.

  • clearly defined, evaluated and selected the high priority data

  • planned a roadmap for the way forward to acquire, correlate, manage and visualize the data

  • transformed the data to information and knowledge, which required analysis and planning for the integration (connectors) to discrete applications and tools essential to the asset workflow

  • included the following applications and tools:

    • Geologic Models
    • Drilling and Hydraulics models
    • Petrophysics models
    • Fracturing Models
    • Visualization tools
    • Static and dynamic reservoir models


  • Combined structured and unstructured data sources, transforming disparate data into information and knowledge

  • Enabled on-site analysis of historic data from comparable jobs against data being encountered real-time while in drilling or treatment operations, adding significantly to the value our customer could deliver to its customers. This resulted in a complete paradigm shift on the end customer’s view of the services available from our customer.