Competitive Advantage through Cloud Content Platforms

Content is still king for companies looking to scale growth and product adoption.

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    Jonathan Looney
    Product Design & Growth

Jun 28, 2021

From marketing materials to product details and customer support, every aspect of your business requires constant messaging and communications with your customers. Sadly, very few of these touchpoints are in sync, creating a nest of infrastructure and impersonal, fragmented experiences.

Unlocking Growth

The key to future innovation and growth is implementing a flexible content platform allowing for rapidly deployed content at scale across channels and technical stacks

Components to a Modern Content Platform

  • Security Content is driven through an Application Programming Interface (APIs), allowing for less exposure to the core database. This reduces possible access for hackers to steal sensitive data through malicious requests.
  • Scalability API-driven content allows for flexible development using any configuration of frameworks or hosting.
  • Composability A single content piece can be reused and combined with various content throughout a customer's journey.
  • Efficiency Automate continuous deployment across your omnichannel stack after new content has been pushed to a repository.

Companies winning at scaling content.

Stripe - Digital Payment Platform

MasterClass 1.5-2M Organic Visitors 4.5 M social media followers

Masterclass embraced an omnichannel content strategy that distributes newly published web content to various formats, platforms and marketing landing pages. Read the case study at FoundationInc.

Use Cases

  • Websites Content Platform empowered websites allow for statically generated files to be used, leading to a boost in SEO and site performance, update efficiencies and increased security.

    Dive deeper into the technical stack of the Nexus Cognitive website by reading about our content-first approach.

  • Marketing and CX Automation Teams like Customer Support can update and maintain in-depth FAQs or issue tracking notices from a single source of truth. This allows your marketing department to set up trigger-based automation and dynamically import this content to customers across all channels.

  • Products & Services With a robust backend UI editor, any department can produce content that can be used by any service, voice assistant, digital kiosks, app, or even print materials.

  • E-commerce sites Vendors and product teams can provide rich inventory details and images that can be integrated into inventory management systems like Shopify or SAP Hybris.

Industry Winning Content Platforms :

Jun 28, 2021