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NexusOne is a turnkey solution to outsource operations and support

Optimization occurs when business outcomes are based on analytics and thoughtful decision making.

Embedded Analytics

Everyone has apps that can add/update/delete data. Nexus provides the next level of user enablement with embedded analytics for better decision making and enhanced customer support.

Speed to value

Provide new capabilities to your people in weeks instead of months or years. Leverage reusable software development and secure data pipelines to jump-start app implementations.

Business Outcomes

Focus on business outcomes by leveraging your enterprise-wide data to optimize operations, lower cost, and increase turn-around times of crucial business processes.

Data Governance

Put your data under professional management with a strong data governance program.


 NexusOne - Better, Faster, and Cheaper

The technology that powers big data and analytics has evolved by leaps and bounds with the wide adoption of the cloud and new open-source technologies. If you have enterprise data infrastructure over 5 years old, there's a good chance it can be modernized to run better, faster, cheaper.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Management. Nexus will monitor and manage the cloud infrastructure, such as servers, storage, networking, and other cloud resources. 
  • System Administration. Nexus will manage and administer system configurations, ensuring system stability, and performing routine system updates and maintenance. 
  • Security Management. Nexus will implement security measures for the cloud infrastructure, including firewall configuration, intrusion detection, encryption, and compliance with relevant security standards and regulations. 
  • Performance Monitoring. Nexus will monitor the performance of the cloud infrastructure and applications, identifying and addressing any issues that may impact performance. 
  • Patch Management. Nexus will implement procedures to ensure that all software and applications are up to date with the latest patches to ensure security and optimal performance, including security vulnerability scanning and remediation. 
  • Capacity Planning. Nexus will provide analysis to help predict future infrastructure needs based on current usage trends and business growth plans, ensuring system scalability. 
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Directory Services. Nexus
  • Environment and Support Documentation. Nexus will provide and maintain extensive documentation, including a system overview, architecture diagrams, software inventory, network configuration, security protocols, operational procedures, troubleshooting guides, and support contacts for all components.  


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