Start on a strong foundation.

Data is the backbone of all successful big data solutions and at Nexus, we understand that. We specialize in data engineering and provide robust, reliable data pipelines that empower data-driven decision making for your business. From data warehouse to data mesh, we focus on delivering measurable business outcomes, not industry buzzwords.

Business Outcomes

Develop a technical architecture that drives the business outcomes we're trying to achieve.

Data Governance

Put your data under professional management with a strong data governance program.

Data Pipelines

Select the data engineering tools that align with your technical requirements.


Cost Management

Engineer your environment to get the most out of your limited budget. Balance the cost of the cloud, data engineering, and analytics to get the most out of your solution.


Technical Considerations

Understand the technical aspects of the solution that will drive major technical decisions. SQL? No SQL? Batch/Real-time? Streaming? Time Series? DB Size? Budget?


Maintainability is crucial to the long-term success of the project. The environment must support cost-effective availability for long-term viability.

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