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Disparate Data Dilemma Leveraging Data Systems

A lead generation company leverages many data systems in its day-to-day processes.

A lead generation company leverages many data systems in its day-to-day processes. They used software that helped track caller activity and results. Employees used a time management system to keep track of hours spent on various sales campaigns. Other client data was managed on individual spreadsheets in different locations across the organization.

The Opportunity

Having multiple software systems to run operations without integrating data was a large blind spot for operations. The Company used a lot of repetitive manual processes to combine data, but these processes were time-intensive, error-prone, and did not always paint the whole picture. One outcome was that callers could go many hours over multiple phone calls without landing a lead. A Call Manager should know this right away to help coach and drive more success.

The Solution + Results

Nexus helped set up an enterprise Business Intelligence environment by connecting the various data systems to our EZ Analytics Software to extract and load data into a central data warehouse. A dashboard and visualization tool was developed to get deeper insights into the organization. Having reporting that looks at all the data across the organization, our Client gained actionable intelligence about what was happening with the organization and was better able to serve their clients. Our Client could now keep track of caller performance to see who needed coaching or simply wasn’t a fit. They could also quickly see when items were stuck in the process and needed extra attention. All this resulted in getting more leads for their clients.

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