Weathering the Storm of Collecting Data: Worldmind Nature Immersion School (WNIS)

An educational non-profit teaching children in outdoor environments.


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The Worldmind Nature Immersion School (WNIS) integrates academic principles in natural world setting to give students a well-rounded, mindful learning experience.

The Opportunity

The State of Colorado asked WNIS to regularly collect weather data to determine if exposure to the elements would be an issue for its students. Especially during inclement weather conditions such as thunderstorms, high heat, extreme cold, and poor air quality. As a result, WNIS school teachers manually spend excessive time collecting hourly weather information.

The Solution + Results

Nexus implemented EZ Analytics to automatically collect weather data and generate reports in conjunction with a larger initiative. The reports included thresholds to indicate extreme weather patterns and a system to alert teachers when to document mitigation due to inclement weather conditions. The weather automation platform drastically reduced the time spent on data collection and report generation efforts so teachers could focus their time on kids.