Helping low-income students select and own books of their choice through the Scholastic reading program, resulting in improved reading skills and family engagement around literacy. As they grew, some of their internal processes and reporting capabilities no longer worked efficiently.

The Opportunity

Problem 1:
Management was unable to see an Enterprise-wide View of Operations.
Before working with Nexus, the organization used three siloed databases to manage the business. While each system solved issues for a particular part of the business, there was no way to get a comprehensive view of data across the entire company.

The Solution + Results

Solution 1: Nexus implemented EZ Analytics and created departmental dashboards for each system along with an executive dashboard that provided cross-functional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to management. The real-time dashboards accessed critical operational information throughout the business. The executive dashboard provided The Organization with a 360 view of the business to refine funding level and determine if teachers were using the program correctly. As a result, our client is now a more efficient and data-driven organization that can effectively scale its processes and achieve its mission statement.

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